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Tasting Success 💬

Energy seekers are talking about Shay∙Latte Coffee. Here's what they're saying:

Grabbing life my the bottle!!!

I am offically latteified!

"I have watched this brand grow from an idea to a full product line.  I am pleased to be on the journey and yes I have created my own title as the  Community Beverage Taster for all the products; I just enjoy Shay Latte lava rock coffee."

"I do not need creamers in this coffee... I am healthier."

Wow so good! I feel like I am biting into coffee bean.

"I am pregnant, and I can still drink Shay Latte Coffee because its so stomach-friendly. Yes!"

"My favorite is the medium roast bag "yellow bag". I love everything about Shay∙Latte Coffee! It's all natural, gives me the energy I need, and tastes great! Now that I've tried it, I don't know how I'd get through my morning without it."

Coffee Slinging with Pride

Shay Latte Coffee your solution.  Share on IG why you FUEL better with the refreshing Shay Latte... while we continue to spark your day!

#1. Fresh To Order

The handcraft experience starts here once you place your order of our specialty volcanic coffee products.  On demand coffee roasting and bottling to ensure the ultimate freshness.

#2. Your Well Crafted Coffee

We value freshness, great taste and high quality product at Shay∙Latte Coffee.  Our goal is to fuel your creativity so that you can fuel your day with a spark of greatness.

#3. Timely Delivery

It's important to us that your purchase experience is easy and pleasant, so we deliver your coffee bean products straight to your doorstep for you to enjoy.

We Brew a Happier You!

Handcrafted for Creatives by Creatives. You don’t compromise your art. Don’t compromise your coffee. Every handcrafted product we produce is high quality from the start. When is the last time you indulged in lava rock coffee? Shay Latte Coffee is your solution. Know what makes our coffee stand apart from the rest.
Organically Grown

We are committed to creating delicious beverages using only real and natural ingredients. Non-GMO.  Vegan Friendly.

Farmer Direct

Ethically sourced from coop growers.  We are family-owned.  We take pride in each step of our meticulous process.

Locally Roasted

We roast our farm direct beans in small batches.  Our sensory scientists taste each roast to ensure freshness.

Nutrient Rich

Bring meaning to our morning. It all starts with volcanic coffee beans. Harvest thousands of feet above sea level. Our coffee is stomach friendly.

Energy Boosting

Our inspiration and purpose: to fuel the minds of creatives. We crafted products to provide sustainable energy. 39% more caffeine than competing brands.

Delicious Flavor

Our proprietary creation offers a refreshingly exotic taste to pleasure your desire.  Enjoy a low acid coffee. Focus on the sillky smooth finish.

Story behind our specialty coffee.

The moment of realization brewed up like lighting.  The brand's visionary dream of a masterpiece to manifest a better economic footprint to contribute to others as a part of Shayla's legacy and personal quest to really enhance the richness of her heritage.  For over 19 years in West Africa, a small independent coffee farm has been operating through our  family lineage and additional close-knit co-op farmers to produce high quality, "specialty" coffee beans, organically grown on the mountain top.  Like magic, the stars aligned of course not without a few bumps and bruises along the journey to launch Shay Latte Coffee.  Our brand serves as a vessel of pure motivation and gusto to reach beyond.



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