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    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    1. Where does this great tasting coffee come from?  Nestled in the mountains of West Africa and South America on an estate coffee farm owned and operated by close-knit co-op farmers in the village. The village has been producing this high quality "specialty" coffee for over 19 years. The coffee beans are organically grown at 5800+ feet above sea level.

    2. Is your coffee fresh? Yes it is fresh. Really fresh. We provide you handcrafted made-to-order coffee products with specialty and high-quality coffee. Our independent farmers and Team SHAYLATTE Coffee take pride and joy to roast & cold brew your coffee in tiny batches to lessen the waste, ensure bold flavor and fresh taste. We respect you and Mother Nature.

    3. FUN + FREE coffee samples, explain this concept to me?  We believe in our product including the taste. Really, we just would like to you experience this one-of-a kind coffee taste profile courtesy of us. 1 quantity sample per customer order. Shipping and Handling is NOT included. Shipping USA rate is approximately $6.50. Tax rate is for the State of Georgia. Coffee samples brew up to 2 cups.


    4. How long does the coffee last?  Our coffee yields best results when consumed within 5 weeks for the cold brew bottles. Keep Refrigerated.


    5. Freshly roasted coffee ideal experience is up to 10 weeks. Keep coffee bag closed or sealed in a airtight container. A fresh and bold taste is still guaranteed long thereafter. The packaging has a 1-way degassing value to allow continued freshness.


    6. Why am I being taxed for online purchases?  For online sales it is required by IRS regulations. In Georgia, taxes are applied to orders shipped to addresses that are within the state of Georgia. Orders shipped to addresses outside of Georgia will not have taxes applied. Tax rates will automatically be calculated at purchase.


    7. Refunds allowed?  Refunds are not honored for perishable foods. If you are unsatisfied, please call us. A detailed refund policy is located on the footer of the checkout page.


    8. What delivery service do you use?  United States Postal Service (USPS) or FEDx. Your order will arrive approximately 5 business days.


    OK, I want in. Actually I wanted in from the start, I just like to read and chat. What do I do now?  Place your online order! Then sit back and SHAYLATTE Coffee delivery will arrive at your door-step for your enjoyment.

    Spark your day...Drink Shay Latte Coffee!