An authentic connection between
independent farmers and creative individuals.


SHAY∙LATTE Coffee inspires creativity.  We fuel the creative minds: artists, innovators, and forward thinkers who love to operate courageously at their highest vibration. We traveled to our family-owned and operated coffee farm to explore the ways to create an authentic connection between independent farmers and creative individuals. 

A few years later, we stand amongst you with gratitude having established a company with an effective and direct mission to create:

  • Sustainability 
  • Promote wellness and encourage people to live vibrantly
  • Empower creative expression amongst the farmers and villagers 


SHAY∙LATTE Coffee was designed for artists by artists. You don't compromise your art. Don't compromise your coffee. Our farmers planted this delicious coffee bean with your ultimate enjoyment in mind. There's no unpleasant aftertaste. Our coffee is known to have a bold flavor with a smooth finish. 

Our coffee is for YOU, the creative human spirit, who enjoys the artistic expressions of life. Now you have your very own coffee that inspires and supports the elevation of your creativity.


 Eat Local    Handmade Product    Direct Trade

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